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Quick Guide to Training Your Staff to Spot IT Security Breaches

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Quick Guide to Training Your Staff to Spot IT Security Breaches

It is really important that every business should have a clear training policy in place. This training should ensure that the staff not only notices an IT Security breach but also reports them straight away. Due to the global pandemic and government guidelines, staff are working from home and hackers know that this is an opportunity for them. These hackers don’t care if you’re a small or large business if they can gain money from you, they will.

Here is some more information to help you ensure that your company is prepared for any type of IT security breach.

Understanding the Threat of IT security Breaches

It’s clear that the best-case scenario is to stop an IT security breach before it occurs. Although, this isn’t always possible. Hackers are constantly checking networks for weaknesses and employees often download malware from fraudulent emails, there are always new vulnerabilities that arise in technology every day.

At the same time, the threat landscape has rapidly evolved in recent years. New technologies such as cloud networks, BYOD and mobility, as well as other major shifts in computing have not only introduced new threats, but they have also made it harder for you to defend against new attacks.

For this reason, it’s why you should treat network security with the assumption that you’ve already suffered a security breach. Preparing your business for the worst is key to getting better results.

Most companies don’t have the right detection & notification system in place.

Sadly, many businesses fail to detect an IT security breach or if they do, it’s too late. A study that has been carried out Verizon Enterprise Solutions has reported that companies only discover 12% of security breaches when using their own internal monitoring.

Some attacks target a Point of Sale (POS) system to which a massive 99% of these attacks are discovered when they receive a report from an external source, letting them know that customers card details have been stolen.

Hackers often deploy techniques which are known as “low and slow”. These type of attacks are designed to slowly damage your companies network and machines over a period of time, this assists them in avoiding detection.

There are some lessons that can be learned from some of the largest breaches in history. For example, there was a huge attack to the American firm Target, this let to the loss of over 40 million credit card details. This breach didn’t happen due to not being detected but because Target’s IT security team in the Minneapolis didn’t respond to the warnings that were issued by their Security Partners. Even after it was detected, they used extremely poor practices to notify their customers of the breach. This resulted in a very long lawsuit which illustrates the need for working breach detection and notification practices for every company.

Our IT Services provide businesses with industry-leading remote monitoring tools, Managed Anti-virus, Malware Detection and Web protection. Our team also monitors network traffic in real-time, if something out of the ordinary is picked up, it’s passed to a member of the team to which they will investigate within the assigned SLA.

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Correct Cyber Security Training Is Key

If you want to ensure that your staff are trained correctly to detect IT security breaches, you should consider implanting the following policies and procedures:

  • Expect the Worse: Teach your IT staff to assume that you’ve already had a breach. This will assist in helping them to further protect your network and review internal systems. These internal reviews include checking over the network and systems logs to check for any potential breach. You should also enable log monitoring, these will alert you to some breaches with email alerts.
  • Risk Assessment: Your IT Security team should perform risk assessments of the network.
  • End-User Training: Offer your staff yearly Cyber Security training so they know what to look out for such as, scam emails, phishing attempts, and viruses. Your businesses assets should have as a minimum a business-grade anti-virus enabled, you should also think about malware detection and system monitoring tools. If you don’t have any of these or you don’t know what they are, then we offer a free IT audit to all businesses.
  • Firewall Support: If your business has a stand-alone firewall then you must make sure the firmware is upgraded when there is a new release! This helps to protect you from potential breaches and threats trying to enter your network!
  • Ensure Correct Access: Ensure that your employees only have standard rights to your network. This will help stop malware being injected into your system if it is trying to change a system file. The only people in your business who should have administrative rights to your systems are either your internal IT team, or your outsourced managed IT support.
  • Antivirus and Malware: Make sure that your staff have been trained on the importance of allowing Antivirus and Malware software updates and scans to run without interruption. These usually take no longer than 60 seconds to complete. Antivirus and Malware protection is included in all of our packages as standard and is uninterruptable for updates and scans.

ORB Tech Solutions provides small to medium businesses throughout Kent and London with IT Support, it not only protects you against security breaches but it also helps to detect breaches and abnormalities on the network and successfully fixes them before you know about it. Take a look at our latest guide, This is the ultimate secret to keeping your businesses data safe. This guide has had some fantastic feedback and has opened up some many eyes on the way that IT breaches have occurred.

The Correct Way of Notifications of an IT Security Breach.

It’s also important that your staff are trained correctly so they can notify either your internal IT department or your IT partner. If for example, you find that customer financial records have been stolen, then it’s important that your security team notifies every person affected by the breach. In fact, the General Data Protection Regulation requires you to notify the ICO within 72 hours by law! If you don’t you could face huge fines.

That’s why it’s so important that you implement this training onto all staff members in your business. That’s why ORB Tech Solutions are here, we can provide you Cyber Security training based at one of our offices either in Kent or London following the governments social distancing guidelines. Alternatively, we can hold a remote session to train your staff or they completed an online training exercise.

If you require any type of Cyber Security Training or a Managed IT partner in the Kent and London area, then you should schedule a meeting to see how we can help you keep safe and achieve your business goals! We also put together weekly tech tips on our YouTube Channel which can give you and your staff some of the latest and up to date ways to keep save on your computer! Find our latest video below!