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Managed WiFi

Fast and reliable WiFi

Why deal with your WiFi when we can obsess over it?

WiFi is one of those little things which is nice to forget about once it's set up, but is the set up ever quite perfect? And does anyone really know what to do if everyone arrives at the office one day to find there's no Internet connection of any kind?

Like all of our IT services we offer comprehensive handling of your office WiFi, taking care of subscription plans, vendor liaison, installation of hardware and software and full testing of the set-up to ensure there are no dead spots and connection quality is consistent around your site.

When putting together your WiFi and Internet services package our engineers carry out a detailed site survey to understand exactly the level of connection, speed and bandwidth your business requires, also taking into account future growth and change to tailor a solution which is cost-effective, flexible and future proof.

Secure WiFi

WiFi is used by almost every device, this includes smartphones and tablets. If these aren’t company devices we can separate them.

Layered Protection

We apply multiple layers of protection to your WiFi such as enhanced network monitoring, encryption and password protection as standard.

Controlled WiFi

You’re in complete control. If you require Guest access we can set that up for you, either completely free or charge your guests for WiFi.


Our helpdesk is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so if there’s an issue you know you can always contact one of our helpful engineers.

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